What does it mean: “broad-minded?” Words of Mahatma Ghandi Always aim at complete harmony  of thought and word and deed. . . .  at purifying your thoughts and  everything will be well.  Being broad minded does not mean pretending all ideas are of equal value. It simply means looking fully around you. Words of Albert Einstein We cannot solve our problems  with the same thinking we used  when we created them. Photo by Kevin Eddy  From George Washington Labor to keep alive in your breast  that little spark of celestial fire  called conscience. Words of R. W. Emerson All I have seen teaches me to  trust the Creator for all I have  not seen. From Shakespeare How poor are they who have not  patience! What wound did ever  heal but by degrees. From Aristotle Happiness depends upon ourselves. Words of Winston Churchill It has been said that democracy is  the worst form of government  except all the others that have been tried.  From H. D. Thoreau A man is rich in proportion to  the number of things he can  afford to let alone.  Words of C. S. Lewis A man can no more diminish God's  glory by refusing to worship Him  than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word 'darkness' on the walls of his cell.  Copyright 2011 Jonathan Whitcomb