All your losses will be made up to  you in the resurrection, provided  you continue faithful. Never be discouraged. If I were  sunk in the lowest pits of Nova  Scotia, with the Rocky Mountains  piled on me, I would hang on,  exercise faith, and keep up good  courage, and I would come out on  top. There is no such thing as  immaterial matter. All spirit is  matter, but is more fine or pure,  and can only be discerned by purer eyes. We cannot see it, but when  our bodies are purified, we shall  see that it is all matter.   Angel of Fredericksburg "General, I can't stand this," said  Sergeant Richard Kirkland.  The general replied, “don't you  know that you would get a bullet  through your head the moment you stepped over the wall?” I know that I may, but if you will  let me, I am willing to try it.  Whether or not those were the  actual words of the now famous  “Angel of Fredericksburg,” valiant  was his act of mercy in carrying  canteens of water to the wounded  who lay across the battlefield. His  title comes from an actual event of  bravery, never to be forgotten, for  he risked his life to relieve the  suffering of others. Words of Mother Teresa If you want a love message to be  heard, it has got to be sent out. To  keep a lamp burning, we have to  keep putting oil in it.  Loneliness and the feeling of  being unwanted is the most  terrible poverty. Love begins by taking care of the  closest ones - the ones at home. Cryptozoology Book Third Edition (pub. late-2011)   Eyewitness sightings of living  pterosaurs in the United States of America---that sums up this  nonfiction cryptozoology book. One sighting, in San Antonio,  frightened the two eyewitnesses: “In about 1986, in the northwest  area of San Antonio, Texas. . . .  ‘One evening, I was outside my  apartment . . . We noticed  something flying around across  the road . . . the size was much  too large to be any bat I have  ever seen . . . 6-10 feet across.’”  Photo by Mike Baird Fear not the light of unfamiliar hue. Washing sand at first, then penetrating the depths, it bids a hidden feast emerge at last. A man is ethical only when life, as  such, is sacred to him, that of  plants and animals as that of his  fellow men, and when he devotes  himself helpfully to all life that is  in need of help. Words of Albert Schweitzer Words of Joseph Smith, Jr. Words of Albert Einstein A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be. Any man who reads too much and  uses his own brain too little falls  into lazy habits of thinking.  Anyone who doesn't take truth  seriously in small matters cannot  be trusted in large ones either. Words of Will Rogers Chaotic action is preferable to  orderly inaction. Diplomats are just as essential to  starting a war as soldiers are for  finishing it... You take diplomacy  out of war, and the thing would  fall flat in a week.  Pterosaur seen in Cuba, in 1971,  sketched by eyewitness, E. Kuhn Copyright 2011, 2012 Jonathan Whitcomb Enlightening the world, one idea at a time Embrace the light